With more and more consumers becoming value conscious and multicultural and mostly socially responsible, the trends that are expected to take on designs for tees are also expected to follow suit. These ideas are expected to create impactful and more mindful designs. Go here for more information about printed t shirts.

  • More leisure time: increasingly with most of our lives becoming very chaotic and stressful, the emphasis is moving away from working too hard at your day job. Research indicate that more and more people are investing more time in leisure activities away from technology and going to natural settings such as the beach or hiking. Therefore designs that embrace the outdoors are said to be a hot topic in same day t shirt printing Brisbane.
  • War or peace: the world seems to be in a constant state of turmoil, now more than ever. And the war and peace slogans are becoming popular as well. It is likely that we will see more designs such as “make cake and not war”, “make art not war”etc.
  • Typography: slogans and phrases which show attitude and state of mind are gaining momentum as well. It is more popular with the youth and their rebellious attitudes that are finding an outlet in the form of printed t shirts. The font types used are also moving away from standard letters to a more street-style graffiti typeface.
  • Vibrant palettes: psychedelic designs and inspiration drawn from augmented reality are setting the tone for more colourful and bold designs coming in to the market. Vivid prints, patterns and natural elements are created with the use of vibrant tones which create a sense of abstraction with hints borrowed from nature.
  • Pop culture and Hollywood: themes drawn from popular movies and some more exciting ones due to be released in 2018 are expected to be widely used. With increasing popularity with comicon and Hollywood blockbusters the themes that can be created based on these seem to be endless.
  • Earth: textured narratives mimicking natural elements such as sand, rocks, trees, leaves etc are becoming popular as well. Since we have moved away from natural environments and moved to cities with concrete jungles, increasing mindfulness is creating a need to go back to nature. This is reflected in these designs that focus on textures found in the natural environment.
  • Cross cultural ideas: since we live in a multicultural world today, more emphasis is placed on creating designs that reflect a mix of these patterns, colours and crafts gathered from around the world. Rich tapestries of colour, patterns and ancient craft work are all providing the inspiration needed for this range of garment designs that are expected in the market.