Weddings can be very entertaining and equally exciting for both the bride and groom. However, organising it can be a little heavy on the wallet. There are few things one can do in order to organise wedding at a budget, some of them have been stated below.

Note down the budget
First thing one needs to do is make a rough estimate as to how much they want to spend or can afford to spend. If the budget is too low then they could go for a low key wedding where the couple gets married at a church or court marriage.

Look for alternatives
There are many ways in which one can decorate the wedding hall at a lower price. If the wedding planner charges are expensive one could ask their friend to handle the decoration. This will save a lot of money, also one could check out pin interest or DIY videos to do decoration by themselves. Buying jewellery is another important segment during weddings which is also expensive. In certain cultures such as Indian one has to gift the guests some sort of jewellery. Here too one can look for alternatives, for example instead of going to a high profile shop they could go to their known This will help them to get a discount and reduce the overall cost.

Reduce unnecessary expenses
There are a lot of unnecessary expenses which can be cut down during wedding. For instance wedding cards are of no use, one could call their guests instead to invite or they could forward the invitation through whatsapp. Also instead of exchanging diamond engagement rings Adelaide, couple could opt for a cheaper alternative such as white gold. Instead of using expensive floral items for decoration one could make their own decorations which looks equally good. They could also reduce the number of guests, for example just invite the close friends as this will cut down expenses to a great extent.

Entertainment for free
In certain cultures entertainment segment is taken very seriously. This is where they call professional dancers to keep the guests entertained. This too could be very costly so one could ask their friends to do a dance performance at their wedding. Money paid to dance choreographer could also be excluded if one learns steps through other sources such as YouTube. Instead of a professional DJ one could ask their family members to handle the music part.

Wedding is an occasion where two individuals become one. It is a beautiful moment which one should cherish all their life. There is no point of having a big fat wedding when it’s a huge financial pressure as the couple will not be able to fully enjoy themselves. So if one cannot organise a grand wedding they shouldn’t hesitate to keep it low key.