You cannot avoid the sun completely and you should not try to either, because being in the sun is something that energizes you in some strange way and although it can be harmful it is also part of living your life. So take precaution but do not forget to live and enjoy your holiday.

In tropical countries the heat and humidity can get very intense in a short period of time. And when this happens you need to be prepared so that you do not turn into a walking smelting pot due to the blistering level of heat.

Cool fabrics and breathable material

Do not wear anything that even resembles silk, nylon or polyester because your skin will not be able to breath in these garments. What is worse is that these materials make you sweat and body odours tend to stick to them. So soft cotton or linen casual summer dresses Australia are the way to go if you want to deal with the sweltering heat. Dresses are generally the best option and one of the few options you will not regret wearing the moment you step out of your home, so when in doubt always chose a cotton dress.The lighter and looser the better

Even the colour of the clothing plays a role in fighting the heat, wear light pastel colours as they absorb less sunlight in comparison to colours like black. The cut of the clothing too plays a vital part in how suffocated you might feel in the heat. Do not wear tights, or any clothes that mould to your skin because it will make you feel like you are drowning. Wear light and airy clothing that is flared and gives you room to move so that the clothing is not glued to your skin. Maxi style resort casual attire, skirts and cotton blouses are probably the best clothing option to wear in the heat.

Always check the lining of your attire

Trust me when I say you need to check what the clothing is lined with before you purchase it if you are dealing with a hot climate that is. If the lining is thick you will sweat profusely, if the lining is silk you will smell terrible and if the lining is polyester (which it most often tends to be) you will have to suffer the very worst of the heat and humidity. So save yourself from this and do not wear lining that irritates your skin or makes you feel like your trapped in a heated cocoon of sorts.

Dressing for hot climates and still looking good can very challenging indeed. But if you follow everything you just read you should be able to adequately beat the heat. So remember always chose lighter colours, breathable fabrics such as linen, loose fitting garments that do not have a thick polyester lining and you are good to go.