Is this a question you are curious to know the answer to? If you are, then we have a few simple tricks for you…! 

  • Learn the art of buying clothes – labels if you want to look rich, and like a pat of the elite group of your society, then the clothing you wear will play a large part in helping you achieve that look. The trick here is to know how to convert even your thrift store finds; into something off the designer racks. For one, most designer clothing don’t have obvious labels[Symbol]so getting rid of any obvious ones are a good idea. Focus mostly on the quality of the material as well as the “finish” of it. Try and find clothing made out of natural fabrics. Another trick is to get clothing like shirts or suits tailor made to fit your body. This too screams money…even if it’s not. 
  • Know how to bling without blinding – any outfit is incomplete without the right kind of accessories and jewelry. cheap mens watches online are a particularly easy way to differentiate yourself from those around you. But the good part is that you can find many places that have knockoffs of the original designs; in a much affordable price. Try to avoid wearing loud jewelry; as the elite (in general) prefer the subtler touch.  
  • Hygiene is key – and this is a tip we cannot stress more on. This is one of those subtle ways that screams rich without even trying. And it’s something you cannot compensate with buying signature and designer buy watches online Australia or wearing clothing hand stitched exclusively for you. Regular exfoliating and using the right combo of bath products as well as personal hygiene products can make this effortless for you…    
  • Smell nice – the above may play have the game, but the rest lies on perfumes and deodorants that you apply. In our opinion, perfumes are something you can splurge on…especially those that linger on you even after hours of applying. Do a research online on branded perfumes before you buy them; so you will have a rough idea about pairing them with your regular body lotions and potions.  
  • Remember to be neat – smelling nice and being clean is important; and so is being eat. Pay attention to your hair…all of it. Get it cut and shaped regularly, and remove off the unnecessary. Pay special attention to your nails; keeping it neatly cut and cleanly filed is essential if you want to play the part of an elite. If using nail polish, try to avoid those loud colors or crazy designs. The same could be said for hair and lip colors as well… 
  • Blind with the pearly whites – your teeth can be a dead give away of your social status. Let’s put it in a simple way; do you know anyone famous who has yellowing teeth or teeth that needs obvious care? We are guessing not! So pay your dentist a visit and switch to a whitening toothpaste. Let your smile blind those around you…!