Month: February 2018

Tips For Holidaying At A Beach

Are you planning on holidaying at a beach sometime soon? Alone or with the family? regardless to who you are going with, here are our tips to help you pack for the occasion…!

Have the right kind of clothes

Oh, but beach holidays with the wrong clothes are a complete nightmare! First, make sure your bathing suits are in proper condition. Then make sure you have the right foot wear; opting to have both flip-flops and men and women sandals Australia, depending on the need. Choose clothing with light fabrics, so that you don’t sweat if you decide to participate in the beach activities. Remember, you might get wet accidentally, even if you don’t get into the water intentionally so make sure you’re not wearing jeans or tight clothing. You will have a terrible time taking it off…

Protect yourself from the sun

Your pretty tan sandals might protect your feet, but chances are, you might burn yourself pretty bad if left exposed to the sun for too long. always slather on the sun block at least 20 minutes before you hit the waves. Try to void wearing makeup, because there are instances in which the makeup and the heat sort of irritated the skin. You might also want to consider wearing a wide brimmed hat to protect your eyes and face. Remember, if you want to spend a little time on the beach, take a huge shade with you (beach umbrella), as well as plenty of food.

Find the best ways to keep hydrated

As lovely as the sun and the sea can be, you cannot stay too long exposed to it. dehydration is one popular reason to avoid hitting the beach too often, or for staying under the sun for too long. take a big bottle of water with you to the beach, and make sure to sip from it as you lay baking at the beach or frolicking on the waves. Remember, summer detoxifying water is also a great idea; to hydrate and slim the body at the same time. Use summer fruits to see the best results!

Remember the nights

Tips To Lose Weight

In this era, where every other advertisement is based on either a chocolate bar or soda or some fast food joint that has introduced a new menu, losing weight can be quite difficult. Most people get tempted by these advertisements and end up consuming excessive amounts of junk food on a daily basis. If you have been struggling with your body weight for quite some time now, these tips will definitely help you lose those excess pounds and get back in shape, in no time.

Throw away the big clothes

A common trick that has proven to work with many individuals who have been struggling to lose weight, is that the clothes that are of a larger size than the individual are thrown away. The larger your clothes, the more space you will have to expand. If you only have a wardrobe filled with smaller sized clothes, you will feel motivated to work towards losing weight in order to fit into those clothes. Therefore, it’s time to stop shopping at the mens plus size clothing section and start purchasing clothes that are a size smaller.  

Portion control is key!

Most often, people tend to skip certain meals and end up eating double the amount during their next meal, thus affecting the process of digestion and the causing the blood sugar levels to fluctuate too. Therefore, it is important to avoid skipping meals and ensure that you eat a breakfast that is high in protein and eat a lighter meal for dinner. Divide your meals throughout the day and consume six smaller meals instead of three heavy meals. A renowned trick that helps you eat less, is eating from a smaller plate.

Time to start moving

A common problem that most people tend to experience is that they fail to see any results despite their daily intake of healthy meals. The main reason behind this is that they tend to have very less movement throughout the day. If you spend the entire day glued onto the office chair, your heart rate slows down and you end up burning lesser calories throughout the day. Therefore, if you do not want to continue shopping at the plus size menswear section, it is time to pull up your socks and get moving.

The Guide To Wear Vintage Like A Red-Carpet Star

Obviously you can wear whatever that makes you feel good and confident. If you are sort of an old-school girl typed one like myself, you would definitely love wearing vintage fashion pieces more often. Even if you are not, it will not hurt anyone to clad in a vintage garment once in a while. But if you do not pair up your total look perfectly, you would end up looking like you are wearing some sort of a Costume. So I thought of putting up some ideas to wear vintage in a sophisticated manner.

Vintage garments with a sense of modernity

When you are shopping for vintage garments, instead of trying out what Queen Victoria would have been wearing those days, go for vintage pieces which are contemporary. Unless otherwise you would look like a photograph ripped-out from an old album. There are so many sellers who offer modern vintage dresses online, so you can easily compare the modern trends and choose a vintage garment that assembles the look. Check out celebrity looks often as they sometimes impeccably shine in vintage dresses just like they are wearing a 2018 runaway dress!

Trendy accessories

If you have picked up a vintage dress, do not wear vintage accessories at all. Here is the point where you can choose some trendiest accessories to go with your vintage dress. Always pair up your vintage dress with a pair of modern footwear and contemporary pieces of jewelry. This combination would streamline your look and make your total appearance unique. If you still want all vintage, at least add a chic pair of modern sunglasses.

Vintage accessories with modern outfits

Another thing you can try out is, cladding up in a modern outfit and wear vintage accessories. There are so many vintage pieces starting from over-sized earrings to bangles to strings of pearls you can try out. You can even choose a signature vintage handbag. On one hand you are dressed up to modern trends and on the other hand, you give out the vintage glamour through your accessories. You can find such vintage kind of accessories from any great fair trade clothing online store as they sell both clothing and accessories altogether.

Make up on point

Wearing vintage make-up along with a sheer vintage garment would not be the most desired look these days. Do not make a fuss over to learn vintage make-up, just put on your everyday make-up and trust me you will look good. Smoky eyes, red lippies and shimmering blushers are okay with any outfit. If you want you can do a vintage style hair bun or braids as far as it suites your appearance.